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Gas Stoves are probably the most convenient stoves, for those people seeking a real living flame effect from a hassle free heating solution. A gas stove gives instant heat you can turn on and off as required using easy controls, or sometimes even using a remote control. Flueless gas stoves and balanced flue stoves offer the gas stove benefits for homes without chimneys. A flueless gas stove uses catalytic technology to clean the gas emissions, whilst a balanced flue gas stove requires access to an outside wall where a sophisticated flue system expels the emissions.

Benefits of Gas

Gas is the most convenient and dependable of fuels, never subject to the possibility of failure during a thunderstorm, or your forgetfulness in ordering the delivery of new supplies; its convenience and controllability makes it the supreme fuel.
High efficiencies – our gas stove ranges feature industry leading gas burners designed to achieve outstandingly high efficiencies and result in lower running costs.

Gas Stove Features

Gas Stoves Isle of Man @ With the development of new burners we are able to provide stoves that give a realistic impression of either a log or coal fire. These ceramic burners create an outstanding fire effect with the perfect combination of a glowing bed and flickering flames.

Many of our gas stoves models use reliable ignition systems and control functions. Alternatively, by adding a remote control option, you never have to move from the snugness of your sofa.

Choosing the right type

We will discuss your gas fire choice with you to make sure it is suitable for your home. The type of chimney or flue you have usually dictates the choice of fire. Don’t worry if you don’t have a chimney, you can still find a perfect fire using a Balanced or Powered Flues. Most of our Gas Stoves can be specified for use with either Natural Gas or LPG.

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